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    Cute Mutants Vol 2: Young, Gifted & Queer. SJ Whitby


    Cute Mutants Vol 2: Young, Gifted & Queer


    ISBN: 9780473539634 | 420 pages | 11 Mb
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    • Cute Mutants Vol 2: Young, Gifted & Queer
    • SJ Whitby
    • Page: 420
    • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi
    • ISBN: 9780473539634
    • Publisher: SJ Whitby

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    Ebook french dictionary free download Cute Mutants Vol 2: Young, Gifted & Queer by SJ Whitby



    "I spent my life dreaming of being invited to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Turns out irl it has the vibe of a Dark Kermit gif. I just want to stay in the closet kissing my hot girlfriend." Despite the chaos and me being a dumpster fire, things turned out okay last time. We beat the villain, and I'm part of a superteam. I have cool friends, and somehow (don't jinx it, Dylan), I even got the girl. Not just any girl-the icy badass who's secretly soft-hearted. Things should be great, right? Now the government's come knocking, and we're summoned to superhero school. Which is a dream come true, except it's run by a corporation. But not all corporations are shady, right? It's fine, if you can get over the teeny, tiny problem that there's also an evolution-obsessed organisation trying to figure us out. Plus, it turns out we aren't as rare as we thought. There's another group of mutants with dangerous powers running loose, and we're the ones who'll have to stop them. I hope the part on my school records that says "near-pathological disregard for authority" isn't going to come back and bite me. Maybe it'll be the thing that saves us.


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